Executive Search, Talentous Search and Management Audit experts

Terhi Giorgiani

Senior Consultant

+358 40 673 6216 terhi.giorgiani@momentous.fi

Terhi has a solid background om in developing and researching organizational culture and leadership. As a consultant, she has supported international and domestic organizations in the assessment and development of personnel experience, leadership and expertise. Terhi has coached, facilitated and trained management teams, supervisors, experts and teams in their development as a leader and as an expert as well as in the development of an operational culture. At Momentous, Terhi applies her expertise in management team assessments and development as well as executive search. Terhi's passion is picking mushrooms in the forest, often with her dog.

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Ville-Matti Hännikäinen

Consultant, Talentous Search

+358 44 460 2087 ville-matti.hannikainen@momentous.fi

Before joining Momentous Ville-Matti has worked in startups in corporate finance, digital business consulting and financial management industries. He has become familiar with various sales functions over the years and working with customers is close to Ville-Matti’s heart. His passions are sports with friends and family, as well as cooking and trying new recipes.

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Markko Ihamuotila has a strong background in the forest industry where his positions included working as a business development manager, a business director and a marketing and communications director. Before joining Momentous in 2014, he worked as a management consultant in a PR agency. In Momentous, Markko focuses on senior level executive searches for different organisational functions. In his spare time, Markko is passionate about hunting—depending on the season, he hunts elk, deer or waterfowl.

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Juha Immonen

Senior Consultant

+358 50 500 1007 juha.immonen@momentous.fi

Juha has more than ten years of experience as an Executive Search Consultant; prior to joining Momentous in 2019 he has worked in both domestic and international executive search companies. Previously, he has worked in sales, marketing and business management functions in the technology industry. In Momentous Juha is focusing on Executive Search and is based at Momentous Turku Office. In his spare time, Juha fishes and boats in the Archipelago Sea.

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Before joining Momentous, Pasi worked as a business director in an executive search firm, as a public affairs and communications director in the industrial sector, in promoting the international relations of Finnish companies as well as in the Prime Minister’s Office and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Having joined Momentous in 2012, Pasi worked at Momentous’s Brussels office for four years until the summer of 2018 and now focuses on executive and board member search. Pasi is passionate about providing a taxi service for his children.

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As previously responsible for Momentous' research team, Lotta Moring has strong experience in candidate mapping, profound understanding of various industries and positions, both in management and expert level, as well as knowledge of candidate market, employer image and modern recruitment processes. Prior to joining Momentous, Lotta has worked in service and process industries. A cup of good tea and an exciting detective story make Lotta happy. She is always longing for the sandy beaches of the paradise islands.

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Mika Rossi

Managing Partner

+358 400 588 696 mika.rossi@momentous.fi

Mika´s unique combination of public and private sector experience combined with his private sector mentality, makes him an excellent person for any client or associate. During his 15+ years working at the highest level of Finnish decision making and eight years at Accenture he has gained excellent personal contacts, experience and knowledge of private and public sector. This combined with his strategic vision, creativity, sales skills is a strong asset. Mika loves football and you can see him supporting HJK live whenever possible.

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Inka Suhonen

Lead Consultant, Talentous Search

+358 50 592 0284 inka.suhonen@momentous.fi

Before joining Momentous Inka was working for one of the largest European consulting companies, where she was working with training business. She has also gained experience from the public and third sectors. Inka is a passionate concert and gig goer and in summertime she enjoys spending time at her summerhouse in Lake Saimaa.

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Ville Valtonen

Senior Consultant

+358 40 582 8838 ville.valtonen@momentous.fi

Ville has been working in recruitment, consulting and HR management since the early 1990s and for most of this time in managerial/executive positions in an international technology company. Keen interest in the role of management and experts in building success has sustained Ville's motivation for recruiting. Ville, who started in Momentous in the summer of 2019, focuses on executive search, but is also keen on leadership coaching and organizational development. Passion for the sea and the snow takes Ville to the extremes of Finland, the Archipelago Sea and the Lapland skiing tracks.

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Talent Sourcing Consultants

Tero Karesniemi

Junior Talent Sourcing Assistant

+358 50 359 6722 tero.karesniemi@momentous.fi

Karoliina Keiholehti

Talent Sourcing Assistant


Teemu Korvenpää

Junior Talent Sourcing Consultant


Azma Mohammed

Junior Talent Sourcing Consultant

+358 40 610 3332 azma.mohammed@momentous.fi

Evelina Nousiainen

Talent Sourcing Assistant


Alexander Nystén

Talent Sourcing Assistant


Vilma Rantanen

Talent Sourcing Consultant

+358 50 437 0918 vilma.rantanen@momentous.fi

Viljami Suutala

Junior Talent Sourcing Consultant

+358 50 409 3714 viljami.suutala@momentous.fi

Sari Tontti

Talent Sourcing Manager

+358 40 683 0707 sari.tontti@momentous.fi

Customer service

Satu Kivistö

Customer Experience Manager

+358 400 172 200 satu.kivisto@momentous.fi

Anni Kääriäinen

Project Coordinator

+358 50 345 6554 anni.kaariainen@momentous.fi

Kaisa Pitkälä

Project Coordinator

+358 44 201 1287 kaisa.pitkala@momentous.fi