Congratulations! If our consultant has phoned you regarding your interest in a certain position, you have convinced us and our client with your CV or the professional expertise showcased on your Linkedin profile. If you showed interest, you were probably invited to an interview at Momentous—just like five to ten other potential candidates. In connection with this invitation, you were probably also asked to complete a set of self-evaluation assignments prior to the interview. Answering these questions helps you recognise your preferred corporate culture, your ability to lead people and manage things and the things that motivate you in your job. Regardless of whether you progress to the next level in the recruitment process, our consultant will give you personal feedback to support your personal development.

Based on the interviews and evaluations, we present our client with five to eight potential main candidates. Out of them, typically three to five are selected as the main candidates. If you are selected as a main candidate, we may ask you to write an essay about the position in question and your vision regarding your own role in it before the final interview.

We normally interview the main candidates at Momentous’s office in a one-day session. This is why we might have asked you to book this day in your calendar already when you first met our consultant. The main candidates are interviewed by the client’s representatives (typically two people) and by the responsible consultant from Momentous. At the end of the day, we usually have a clear-cut number one candidate whose references Momentous will try to contact as soon as possible to prepare a written report of the references to the client.

Usually the client will hold a further discussion with the number one candidate, and they can also invite the candidate to meet his/her potential future colleagues and employees. The signing of the employment contract completes the executive search process.

Throughout the process, we emphasise communication: we will give you at least weekly updates on how the recruitment process is progressing. We strive to offer you the best possible candidate experience and therefore ask for your feedback via our online questionnaire at the end of the process.