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Culture as competitive advantage

What is culture? In the past we’ve been talking of culture referring to corporate values, which represent the foundation for the way the company functions/works. It is sad to recognize that corporate value propositions do not vary too much comparing words used to communicate their values.

With this in mind I believe corporations needs to accept the fact that you cannot require ’one-size-fits-all’ mentality to describe how everybody should behave in the company. I guess the principle of a value proposition should merely comprehend the ways that the company follows i.e. values in decision making. Additionally the values should be translated part of the product or service experience and measured based on the end-user perception on the same product or service experience.

Since values are too generic I believe culture needs to address how a typical business division or a group of people within the division function, how they expect to be treated and what kind of ambition the team has set for themselves. When there is cohesion of the aforementioned I believe you can be sure that you’ve created a winning culture – which tends to be stronger than any strategy. Needless to say, the culture needs to serve a bigger purpose; otherwise there is a tendency of short sightness due to focus on compensation.