The recruitment of senior executives is a critical situation for any business, and selecting the best possible candidates is crucial for future success. This is why using executive search in recruitment is worth the investment. Conducting a successful executive search requires both content knowledge and mastering the recruitment process. By content knowledge, we refer to an understanding of the client’s line of business, the vacancy to be filled and working life and management in general.

In its executive searches, Momentous emphasises thorough profiling, the importance of organisational culture and solution-oriented reporting. Momentous carries out its projects meticulously and on time, communicating proactively with the client. Superior customer experience exceeds the client’s expectations and improves the candidate’s image of the client company.

An executive search process takes six to eight weeks from the start of the process to the selection of the best candidate.

Our experts in executive search

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Managing Partner

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Senior Consultant

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Senior Consultant

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