A suitability assessment carried out by a psychologist should be included in recruitment processes, especially when looking for the right person for a critical key position on the expert, manager or executive level. With the psychological suitability assessment, you can reduce the risk of an unsuccessful recruitment, ensure that the values and culture of the company and candidate are compatible and increase the self-awareness of the assessed key persons.

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Why is it a good idea to have a psychological suitability assessment carried out?

The key person’s performance in the work depends on the person’s capabilities and motivation, but also on the support received.

In the assessment, the candidates’ capabilities in relation to the requirements of the work are surveyed using different, tailored methods. In this way, the information obtained from the candidate is versatile, thorough and directly linked to the applied job.

A suitability assessment carried out by a psychologist also reveals how the candidate’s values and expectations towards the employer’s culture meet with the company’s values as well as the existing and targeted culture. The suitability assessment provides the manager with understanding how the person should be led and how to boost their capabilities.

Suitability assessments also benefit the work applicants by giving them feedback that helps in reflecting on their own competences and profiles in relation to the open position. The results of the assessment help in recognising the tasks and organisations that are the most suitable for the candidate.

At your service: experienced occupational psychologists and a tested process

  • Different methods are always used in the suitability assessment, which is tailored work-specifically. Information is collected through self-assessment tasks (e.g. surveys measuring the ways of operating and thinking and motivation), work samples and simulations, aptitude tests and interviews.
  • In recruiting companies, managers have been especially pleased with the feedback discussions in which the clear statements and views provided by the psychologist help, for example, anticipate the candidates’ approach to different situations in the working life.
  • Candidates’ feedback concerning the assessment events have been positive: anxiety experienced during the recruitment process is eliminated and the candidate is encountered as a human being.

How is the psychological assessment carried out and what kind of a report is provided?

A suitability assessment is usually carried out for the last 2–3 candidates at the end of the recruitment process.

When the persons to be assessed are known, we will take over the entire process so that, after the assessment, you can easily continue to the last round of interviews or make the decision.

  1. Contact: we will contact the candidates to be assessed and agree on the assessment date directly with them.
  2. Preliminary tasks: the candidate will receive a couple of different preliminary tasks before the assessment meeting. Besides these, the personal assessment requires no previous preparations.
  3. The assessment meeting consists of the psychologist’s interview as well as assessment tasks and work simulations selected on the basis of the applied position. The meeting is arranged remotely or, if the situation allows, as a face-to-face meeting with a duration from a couple hours to half a day.
  4. Summary and statements: the psychologist will draft a clear report taking a stand on the suitability and the key capabilities related to the work. Candidates will also receive their copies of the statements.
  5. Result review: in the closing discussion of the suitability assessments, the psychologist will provided the hiring manager with clear statements on the strengths and suitability of the candidate for the work. The impacts of the recruitment on the entire organisation on a broader level may also be discussed.

Integrate psychological suitability assessments as part of your key personnel recruitment process

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