Traditional Executive Search is a great, but not the most affordable or fastest solution for the recruitment of experts. Compared to Executive Search advertised search is laborious, time-consuming and often expensive – and the large number of applications does not guarantee that applicants have the right competences and experience.

Talentous Search, a lighter version of our Executive Search, is your choice when you want to find professionals fast and for competitive price – and also reach the passive, non-job-seeking candidates.

The three-week Talentous search focuses especially on competence assessment. Before starting the search, we will profile the skills, work experience and education of the expert you wish to employ. Based on these boundary conditions, our experienced research consultants perform a tailor-made search for the assignment, contact dozens of potential candidates and provide you with the cvs and contact information of all candidates interested in the task at € 8.000 (+ VAT).

As an additional service and priced separately, we offer video interviews of candidates as well as psychological suitability assessments.

Our experts in Talentous Search:

Ville-Matti Hännikäinen

Consultant, Talentous Search

+358 44 460 2087

Inka Suhonen

Lead Consultant, Talentous Search

+358 50 592 0284